Crochet Nautical Summer Sweater Cardigan Video

Crochet Summer Sweater Cardigan

Good evening everybody. The weather is very good outside and it must be kept in mind we should also keep our inner peace and whether very great. So let’s talk about today’s question item. What do you think can we only wear crochet clothes Ideas in winter or can we wear them in summers too. The answer quickly popped up in our mind is that we can only wear them in winter. But I think my answer is different from yours. Because crochet Summer sweater is made of cotton warm threads that are good for skin and environment friendly. So that the answer is yes, yes we can wear crochet Summer sweaters in summer as well. This is not necessary that we have to dress up with compact body dresses but we can open them and use open dresses in summers.

Therefore a simple pattern of crochet Summer sweater that you can wear in summer is given in the picture below. Moreover, if you want to teach yourself how to make this Cardigan you can check out our video that is given below. You are just a takeaway from your teacher video that will teach you how to make this attractive crocheting design at home. The thing that you need to make this pattern is given below. Most probably you are going to have them all in your cupboard. 

  • Colorful milk cotton your
  •  Crochet of suitable thickness
  •  Pair of Scissors
  •  Needle
  •  Inch tape

However, you can also make the same pattern with raw cotton your instant of a new one. Because by using the yarn of your old crochet cloth ideas and free patterns you can make a new one for your younger children.

Crochet Summer Sweater Pattern

Without having to cut the yarn between stripes, this feminine crochet nautical cardigan is super easy and enjoyable to make. I can’t tell you how much fun I had using just half double crochet craft and double crochet stitches to create such a beautiful effect between the stripes and a subtle kind of cable-y and lacy effect going on in the navy stripes!

Crochet Summer Sweater Pattern

Colour Ceilidh Crochet

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