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A person or group’s costume is their specific way of dressing or applying cosmetics that expresses their class, gender, profession, race, nationality, activity, or era. Costumes serve as a quick cultural snapshot of a population.
The phrase has also historically been used to refer to conventional attire suitable for particular hobbies, such as riding, swimming, dancing, and dressing up. Changes in fashion and regional cultural standards might affect what is appropriate and acceptable to wear.


The phrase “costume technologist” refers to a person who creates /or modifies costumes. It is up to the costume technician to translate the two-dimensional sketch into a garment that reflects the designer’s rendering. When creating the garment, it’s crucial for the technician to keep the designer’s thoughts in mind.

Make a “TOOTHLESS” DIY Dragon Hoodie Costume

Our photo-worthy Toothless Dragon Costume will be a hit with your style-conscious children. Precious Cargo or Hanes brand hoodies are used to create dragon sweatshirts and felt spikes are sewn firmly down the back of the jacket. The tail of the jacket measures 12″ down from the rear of the waistline, is constructed of felt, and is permanently connected. The tail is also present.
This hoodie is perfect for the imaginative play that Montessori parents and children adore because it has all the practical elements of a typical hooded sweatshirt.

Although I must admit that I had some reservations regarding the spikes, they are very strong! Moreover, the blossoms are attractive. In-person, floral prints occasionally don’t appear as pleasant, but these are lovely. Also excellent is quality. The jacket is neither slim nor thick.

Make a “TOOTHLESS” DIY Dragon Hoodie
Source: loveit

Delightful DIY Dinosaur Costume

Each child is unique, but if there is one thing that all children have in common, it is that they all eventually go through a dinosaur phase. You have the ideal excuse to make a DIY dinosaur costume if that fixation happens to occur around Halloween. The positive news Making these using cardboard and other materials you probably already have at home are really simple. Kids will be roaring like a T-Rex or charging like a Triceratops in no time thanks to these easy DIY dinosaur costume ideas!

Although the instructions in this article are targeted at infant and child costumes, you may easily adapt them for adults if you want to make a family costume. The majority of them call for sweatshirts, sweatpants, and homemade scales.

Delightful DIY Dinosaur Costume
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DIY Dinosaur Costume Out of a Sweat Suit

On one of the two pieces, I sewed mine down the middle. Additionally, I didn’t sew each spike. Instead, I sewed straight down the middle using a diamond pattern, and then I hot-glued the spike points together. Because there was no need for all of the spike-sewing, it required less work.

Regarding the jacket, I noticed a lot of tutorials that cut the jacket in half before sewing the spikes into it. That looked incredibly complicated to me. I chose to simply sew the linked diamonds down the center of the garment instead. The spikes were then formed by simply gluing the two triangles together.

I made these two outfits in just a few hours, believe it or not. My kids adore them, and they were quite simple to create. Additionally, I’m happy that kids can continue to wear coats and pants beyond Halloween.

DIY Dinosaur Costume Out of a Sweat Suit
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DIY Costumes for a Duo

What could be a cuter combo than two dinosaur brothers? This DIY costume could be the simplest, most affordable one I’ve ever made. It was completed SO quickly, and if you like, you can just take out the “dine spikes” to reveal a sweatshirt and pair of sweatpants that you can wear all year.
Cut out long triangles from the sticky velcro sheet by folding it in half. You need two triangles that are the same size. Stick the two triangles together after removing the backing paper, leaving the bottom inch or two unglued. Use those adhesive bits to adhere the triangle to the hoodie’s central bank. Continue until the entire back of the hoodie is covered in a straight line of triangle “spikes.” Over the hoodie’s head, continue the operation.
Trace a semicircle (more of an oval) on the sticky felt to use as the dining feet. It needs to be roughly the same size as the kid’s shoe you’re covering. Remove it. Cut little tiny triangles from sticky felt in a different color to embellish the feet. To make the din’s claws, cut out three additional triangles and attach them as well. Finally, remove the paper backing from the semicircle and adhere the entire “dine foot” to your child’s shoe.
DIY Costumes for a Duo
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