How To Free Crochet Crop Cherry Cardigan Tutorial

Crochet Crop Cherry Cardigan

Hello girls! What’s up? we hope you are doing well. Let’s talk about something new and trendy. That looks elegant as well as adorable. What makes you look attractive and nice? Yes right, appropriate looks are very necessary to make your personality adorable and charming. That is why here we are talking about a new item of the cardigan. This is basically a Crochet Crop Cherry Cardigan. As you can see in the picture it has two components. The first one is like an off-shoulder top and another one is in a nice jacket look. So that overall it comes in a very smooth pretty look of Crochet Crop Cherry Cardigan. It is easy to wear and easy to carry everywhere. It is specially made for young girls because they can use it in different ways. Here are some things that you need to make by yourself.

  • Milk Cotton Yarn in Red, Green, and Pink Color
  • Size 4 ply
  • 125g per ball
  • Matching Swing buttons
  • 4.5 and 4.4 mm Crochet hook
  • 16 mm crochet hook for cherry
  • measuring tap
  • Daring needle
  • Scissors

First of all, make cherries with red yarn and join green yarn to make leaves. After that start making Crop Cherry Cardigan With pink color. you have to make a front side with 6.5 inches shoulder from both sides, 7.5 inches for sleeves cut, 6.5 inches in length, and 2.3inches for a border. For the backside 6.5 inches for both shoulders, 7 inches full length, above the border, and 2.3 for the border. Now make sleeves according to your desire length or given in the video. Now time to join all the parts with help of a needle. you can follow the instructions given in the video. However, it is recommended you watch the full video in detail before start making Crochet Crop Cherry Cardigan. It will help you a lot to do your work smoothly even you are a beginner.

Crochet Crop Cherry Cardigan

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