How to Crochet Drape Cardigan With Proper Tutorial

Crochet Drape Cardigan 

 Hi everyone! hope you are enjoying good health. We love to share with you guys the most important amazing ideas of crochet patterns that you can wear on daily basis by them making yourself. As you people know that today are the days of Covid and some people are depressed because they have nothing to do at home.  In these days of lockdown don’t take any stress because here we are going to show you activity. This is about a  Crochet Drape Cardigan that is very beautiful, adorable, and easy to make. This tutorial worked in one piece, making it easy and fast to make. Any DK weight yarn is fine, I used scrap yarn of Robin yarn, fingering weight, and had to double it. The hook size used is 4mm.

It is very helpful for you to make your Crochet Drape Cardigan. While watching this video that this is a tough task and design is tough. But after going through all the steps one by one you can get the idea that you can also make t without any help. You can use crochet of any thickness easily available at your home. At the same, time you can use any color or get the color you need purposely.

However, to make this Crochet Drape Cardigan more comfortable, you can attach pockets on both sides so that you can carry your personal items when going outside. You just need to be a little careful while watching this video.  You can watch it many times until you get a proper idea


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