Richest Style Make A Hoop Skirts

Attempting to Make an Elliptical Hoop Skirt

How to Make a Hoop skirts


skirt components:
1: Coal/heavy cotton, 150 x 40 cm
2: Coal/heavy cotton, 300 x 40 cm
3: 400 x 20 cm (thick cotton, coating, or tulle) (lengthen according to your height).
You also require:

A ribbon long enough to tie around your waist and ten meters of bias tape (waist x 2).
At the top of each skirt piece, stitch a line of gathering (or two, depending on the thickness of the fabric).


As shown in the drawing, put the skirt parts together.
To construct a casing for the boning, stitch the bias tape to the fabric’s backside. I stitched four rows: one down the middle of the first seam allowance; one on the first seam allowance of the second skirt, and one on the bottom seam allowance.
Let the tape’s edges hang loose (about 3-4 cm). Keeping the tape out of the way, sew the back seam.
Place the plastic boning within the casing, making sure that it overlaps and doesn’t cause any fabric damage by being a few cm longer than the circumference.
By hand, complete the casing closure over the back seam.

How to Make a Hoop Skirt
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