DIY Crochet Off-Shoulder Top For Young Girls Pattern

Crochet Off-Shoulder Top

Hello ladies. Today we are here with another very very amazing tutorial video. Nowadays crochet off-shoulder tops are very trendy and media among young girls. In this video, you will get to know how you can make an off-shoulder top to wear at different seasonal and seasonal parties. The best thing about this old crochet off-shoulder top is that it is small in size but comes in the category of full outer fit. This comes in her best party wear option for slim and smart girls. Because it gives them a very elegant and impressive look. You can watch the full video tutorial to know how to make this. You can follow all the steps one by one. However, if you feel difficulty you can again watch the video until you get a perfect idea. You have to Make this off-shoulder top a bit smaller than your size. Similarly, you can play with colors and using any one of your favorite colors.

Instead of sleeves, you can make a sleeves band with this crochet off-shoulder top. As given in the picture it looks very elegant and attractive to young girls. In the video, however, to enhance the sharpness of looks you can add a crochet hat on the top. You can make the hat with the same design made on the upper area of all shoulder top. However, you need to use a different design for it lower portion. However, you can get the idea from the picture that you can also make earrings the same given in the picture. By using a similar thread you can make a nice not On the upper portion that makes it look more stylish and attractive. You can ask questions in the comment section. Moreover, you can also give suggestions about new and unique ideas. 

Crochet Off Shoulder Top

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