Adorable Crochet Halter Top With Tie Up Bow Pattern

Halter Top With Tie Up Bow 

Welcome, all people. I wish all people were happy in their lives and in excellent health. At the same time and to make life better we are going to share with you a single idea of Halter Top hope you will like it. All made of a beautifully used yellow and white. The amazing thing about this Halter Top is that it can be easily made in your home. If you want to know what materials are needed to make it, you can see and make it.

While making it in the beginning you have to start from near the neck and slowly come down. Make a long strip of about 7 to 8 inches and use it first while estimating your neck size. From the same Strip passing through crochet will gradually go down and stretch the strip will become part. From the tutorial l in the video, you can get the idea that we have used two colors one is yellow and the other one is white. But you can use any other colors that you like.

When Making a dress for a baby you can color it white.  Similarly, if you are making your real self when you are you can use brown color for you. To make this Halter Top fancy we have added a tie-up bow at the one corner that you can use to tie it from the bottom side. While making this Halter Top you have to make the front and back portions separately then you can join them by using a needle and wool yarn. It is a simple and easy process even beginners can make it but you need to watch our video carefully. I hope your experience will go well.  

crochet striped halter top

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