Step-by-Step Crochet Lush Lime Pattern Instructions Overview

Introduction to the Fresh Crochet Lush Lime Pattern

The lush lime crochet pattern specifications are as follows:

Necessary Materials:

  • Worsted weight yarn: Colour A – Lime Green (14 grams = 23.8 m / 26 yds), Colour B – Green (4 grams = 6.8 m / 7.4 yds). An example yarn used is Rico Creative Cotton Aran.
  • Crochet hook of 3.5 mm size (E)
  • Filling material
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Stitch marker

Lime Measurements:

With a 3.5 mm hook and the specified yarn, the lime is around 10 cm / 3.9 ” tall and 5.5 cm / 2.2 ” wide. Your results may differ based on your hook, yarn, gauge, or tension.

Gauge Reference. 11 sc stitches and 11 rows in a 5 cm / 1.96 ” area.

Pattern Language:

This pattern uses US crochet notation.

Abbreviation Key:

  • R# – Row/round number
  • st – Stitch
  • ch – Chain
  • sl st – Slip stitch
  • mc – Magic circle
  • sc – Single crochet
  • inc – Increase
  • dec – Decrease
  • hdc – Half double crochet
  • dc – Double crochet
  • FLO – Front loop only
  • […] x … – Repeat instructions within brackets for the stated number of times
  • (…) – Total number of stitches in the row/round

Top Tips and Added Information:

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Yarn selection: Your preferred yarn type, weight, and colors can be utilized. Adjustments may be needed for hook and final sizes based on the yarn weight.
  • Stitch marker: To count stitches, mark the start of each row.
  • Decreases: Invisible decreases are suggested.


Small-scale commercial sale of the finished product is permitted.  See the full copyright notice for more details.

Introduction to the Fresh Crochet Lush Lime Pattern


Lush Lime Crochet Pattern

Lime Base with Colour A (Lime Green)

Fill gradually as you go.

  • R1: Begin with a magic circle, six single crochets (sc) inside (6 sts)
  • R2: (Increase (Inc), one sc) repeated three times (9 sts)
  • R3: (Inc, sc in next two sts) repeat three times (12 sts)
  • R4: (Inc, sc in next three sts) repeat four times (16 sts)
  • R5: (Inc, sc in next four sts) repeat four times (20 sts)
  • R6: (Inc, sc in next five sts) repeat four times (24 sts)
  • R7: (Inc, sc in next six sts) repeat four times (28 sts)
  • R8: Perform a sc in each st around (28 sts)
  • R9: (Inc, sc in next seven sts) repeat four times (32 sts)
  • R10: sc around (32 sts)
  • R11: (Inc, sc in next eight sts) repeat four times (36 sts)
  • R12-R16: sc in each st around for five rounds (36 sts)
  • R17: (Sc in next seven sts, decrease (dec)) repeat four times (32 sts)
  • R18: sc around (32 sts)
  • R19: (Sc in next six sts, dec) repeat four times (28 sts)
  • R20: sc around (28 sts)
  • R21: (Sc in next five sts, dec) repeat four times (24 sts)
  • R22: (Sc in next four sts, dec) repeat four times (20 sts)

Begin to stuff the piece.

  • R23: (Sc in next three sts, dec) repeat four times (16 sts)
  • R24: (Sc in next two sts, dec) repeat four times (12 sts)

Finish off stuffing.

  • R25: Perform a Dec 6 times (6 sts)

 Leaving a short tail for sewing. Carry out a fastening off by threading the yarn through the front loop only (FLO) of the six sc and pulling to close the hole. Conceal the tail by sewing it into the lime base. Refer to Image 1 for the completed lime base.


Introduction to the Fresh Crochet Lush Lime Pattern


Lime Stem with Colour B (Green)

There’s no need for stuffing here.

  • R1: Start with a magic circle, five sc inside (5 sts)
  • R2-R4: sc in each st around for three rounds (5 sts each round)
  • R5: Perform an increase in FLO in each st around. 

Trim the yarn, leaving a long tail for sewing. Secure and finish with an invisible join for a neat look if preferred.

Refer to Image 2 for the finalized lime stem.


Introduction to the Fresh Crochet Lush Lime Pattern


Lime Leaf with Colour B (Green)

No stuffing is required.

Start: Chain (ch) 11

We’ll work around both sides. 

  •  Two single crochet (sc), one half double crochet (hdc), three double crochet (dc), three hdc, finish with one sc (10 stitches in total)
  • R2: Working along the other side of the chain: 1 sc, three hdc, three dc, one hdc, two sc, then make a slip stitch (sl st) into the first stitch of R1. (Note: The slip stitch is not counted in the total stitch count; ten stitches in total for R2)
  • R3: Begin with an sl st into the next stitch, followed by an sc, hdc, dc, two dc in the next stitch (increase), two hdc, sc, and finish this row with an sl st. (10 stitches, all counted in the total stitch count)

We will add a small stem branching from the leaf for the next row.

  • R4: Chain 4, beginning in the 2nd ch from hook, work a sl st in the next three chains, then make a sl st into the first stitch of R2. (8 stitches, counted in the total stitch count)

Cut the yarn and fasten it off. An invisible fasten-off method is recommended. 

The starting yarn tail should be woven into the back of the leaf for a clean look. The longer tail left is intended to attach the leaf to your project.

Refer to image 3 for a view of the finished lime leaf.

Introduction to the Fresh Crochet Lush Lime Pattern


Lush Lime Assembly Instructions

Step 1: Joining the Stem to the Lime Base

  1. Position the Lime Stem on top of Round 25 of the Lime Base. The stitches may not align precisely. Aim for an even distribution around the base; it’s fine if it’s not perfectly straight, as a slight asymmetry adds to the realism.
  2. Carefully sew around the base of the Lime Stem, attaching it securely to the Lime Base. Don’t worry if the stitches do not match exactly—the unevenness contributes to the natural look of the lime.

Step 2: Attaching the Lime Leaf

  1. Select a stitch on the side of the Stem Base as the attachment point for the Leaf Stem. It doesn’t matter which stitch you choose; try to place it where the leaf looks most natural.
  2. Sew the top stitch of the Leaf Stem to the chosen side stitch on the Stem Base. 
  3. To finalize the assembly, weave the remaining yarn tail from the leaf down into the Lime Stem, concealing it from view to maintain a tidy finish.

The Lush Lime should now look complete, firmly adorned with a stem and leaf, and ready for display. Please refer to Image 4 for the final appearance of your crochet lime.



Congratulations on completing your Lush Lime project!

I trust you found delight in this free Lush Lime crochet pattern.

I’d be thrilled to showcase your work to fellow crafters. Share your finished piece with all of us by posting on your preferred social platform using the hashtag #Crochets and tag @mecrochets. If you’re on Ravelry, don’t forget to connect your project to this pattern and include a photo—this way, I won’t miss out on your amazing creation!

Looking forward to our next crafting adventure. Keep those hooks busy, and be proud of your newfound fruity creation!

Warm wishes and stitches,

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