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Crochet New Items With Us

In the old days, women took the use of crocheted things very seriously, because it is part of our state and culture that we should not talk about. It also has coupled with older people which has been a very useful addition to the fact that it has become very rare in our minds. For example, if a woman makes small things sitting at home. So it increases the sense of self-confidence and in addition, can earn a good income for yourself and live a life of full confidence. There are many benefits to making Croatian things. They can be given as a gift to someone or can be made to decorate your home. We can also make them wear our clothes. As shown in the picture below you can make different items. Free Crochet Blanket Patterns free crochet afghan pattern.

The main purpose of making things from Croatia is that these things do not spoil quickly or easy and even after washing they do not spoil the brain and can be used easily for a long time. Of course, nature has shown us mercy with brand new colors so we should also learn to make our own things using these colors. You just need some simple things that you have already at home like a normal size, some suitable yarns, maybe of different colors, pair of Scissors, inch tape and any other thing that you need for your help and make your art easy.

Honey Bee Theme Crochet Blanket

Introducing a very special design of blanket that is based on the theme of the honey bee. It has a very soft cold color that you can use any time anywhere and it goes very well with all kinds of room interiors. You can take the pictures and Zoom in to see the pattern very clearly. Moreover, if you are living with your grandmother you can ask her for help to let you know how to make this pattern. Add initial state you may find some difficulty but later you will be a pro in making these crochet patterns. Thank you will love to do them.



This is a time to introduce face pack unique and Stylish pattern that is specifically made for children. We have made this pattern in black color but you can use baby pink or light blue color to make this design for your children. You should definitely have this blanket in your baby bag so that when you are going outside.  You can use it to cover your baby to protect him or her from the winter cold. It has a very unique pattern and border that you must not have seen before. But you can now make it at home with little cost.

The "Navigator" baby blanket

Emiline Blanket Pattern

Mostly we have large blankets that we usually used on the bed. Mostly we have large blankets that we usually use on our beds. But we can not use them while we are sitting on the sofa and hanging out with our family. At that time we need such a kind of little and cozy blanket that we Can use to protect our body from the winter cold. However, the same blanket can be used to cover our couches and so far so that they may look beautiful. Become the different colors according to your demand and interior of your house.

Lynne Rowe

Emeline Blanket KAL

Blue Crochet blanket

This is another very beautiful baby blanket that is made of blue color. This blanket is specifically made for a baby boy and if you are expecting and going to have a baby boy then you should definitely have this blanket. in your beg. Design is very stylish and easy to make even beginners can make it with letter help. Its eyes it’s so small that you can use spare that already at your home and do not need to buy do not need to spend more money on. Hopefully, you would like all these ideas and love to make them at home.


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