Easy to Make Crochet Strip Drape Cardigan Pattern

Crochet Strip Drape Cardigan

Hello everyone I hope you all are living in good health today we have a new design made by crochet. it is very easy to make this Strip Drape Cardigan. There will be e great happiness while making this design because of its softness and less time. But now young ladies and girls are also taking interest in such products. So that here we are to help you out. Out. Easily by following all the steps one by one in the given tutorial.

However, if you feel difficulty you can pause the video and check the previous step. One of the things you need to make a Strip Drape Cardigan is that you need a 4.5-millimeter crochet hook plus a small Caesar and inch tape. However, we have used white and black color you can choose any one of your favorites.  Things made of Crochet are very artistic.  Moreover,  you can make this  Strip Drape Cardigan with sleeves or without sleeves. From the picture, you can get the idea that from the first and portion you have to make the are broader because it has to be folded at the front to make a nice and elegant look like long collars.I love stripes especially black and white, that’s how this striped drape cardigan came to be.

On the below side As given in the tutorial we have made a dome-shaped frill that makes it looks very elegant and attractive After making this Strip Drape Cardigan you can use it as a gift for giving your younger or elder sister. However, it is very attractive to use with jeans while you are going out on your casual days. Moreover, this is the best way to utilize time in the days of covid. We hope you enjoy this.  

Crochet Striped Drape Cardigan

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