Children’s Spring Cardigan – Free Crochet Patterns

The Wetherby exemplifies a traditional crochet pattern for a Children’s Spring Cardigan with a Hood, offering choices between a flat or rolled collar and accommodating sizes from newborn up to 10 years old. Its refined and straightforward textured stitch pattern makes it the ideal crochet cardigan for both baby boys and girls, as well as older children.

Thanks to its simple construction, you could easily convert it into a vest by excluding the sleeves. Additionally, you can incorporate pockets and toggles or interchange between a rolled or flat collar to satisfy your child’s unique style preferences.

Accompanied by an exhaustive video tutorial, the Wetherby is an excellent entry point for aspiring crochet clothing creators who need help figuring it out. Additionally, it’s available in adult sizes, making it possible to crochet matching cardigans for the entire family!

Children’s Spring Cardigan


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