Most Stunning Pie Crusts Shortening

Hey, People alright this week I have got to show you how. The night before I’m just going to start by Rolling this Out so it’s about the thickness of 4 pound Coin okay? Below is the description box so my pie dough is a Perfect thickness no I’m Gonna add a tiny bit more flour and we are going to do was going to roll it. Onto our rolling pin Like this roll it Back and pull over Your Pie Crusts dish now. Is fully lined On the inside and not well done now is create a bit of a Lip so I’m going to take this excess pastry that’s hanging.

Blueberry Pie Crusts

And that’s exactly What we want edge because That’s going to be the little edge That’s going to hold our Flowers so what I’m using if this Pie Crusts Today is a Blueberry pie I’ve got 400 grams Of blueberries and I’m just going to pour those into my pie Disawar blueberries go in look at that it’s looking testy already we’re going to pop that in the fridge just to set up our pie dough while we work on The rest of decorations okay.

I’ve Rolled out my second lot of pie dough And this is where we get serious people we get the ruler out So that We can be as precise as possible. With our cutting so I’m going to measure two centimeters along and I need nine strips In order to create All the plots  I want we’re going to keep repeating this process until we have nine strands in Total Which will create three waves for us and then the final one whip it off and we’ve now got nine strands Which we can weave together so these Go in pairs of three so You want to make a little pile of three like this and Then we start to weave so take all three And pin them together at the top you. Create a little ball like this okay?

beautiful Braid

And then What we want to Do you want to take this Middle one and we want To take it over the outside like This and then we take This right-hand side And we go over with middle one like that and keep That at the top there and We repeat this process So we go over With the Middle under with The outside over with the middle strand Under with The right-hand side strand over Under and repeat this process until You see this lovely little braid come Together which is exactly that we are looking For you pinch  It together at The end and there you go you have beautiful braid Which you repeat three times With the rest of your strands and that Will lay beautifully across.

Topless Bakir Decorative Part

so do not panic about That then we lay that there and We have our three Little braids and now we’re Going to do is going pop this back in The fridge while we make our little flowers Which will go around the edge And then our topless Bakir decorative part is done okay. The Final hurdle Of the topless baker Pie Crusts Decoration so I’ve Got here is two fondant cutters these are little flowers. As you can see very cute Now you can get these fondant cutters So cheap online so just buy a Big bag of them and you get all Shapes and sizes I’m gonna do flowers for this one I’ve Got my third lot of pie dough here. I’m literally just going Out as many flowers as I can fit and then they are going to Go on top of our pie so.

Beautiful Tapas Baker Blueberry Pie CrustsMost Stunning Pie Crusts Shortening

How To Make A Decorative Pie Crust - Topless Baker

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