Appealing Mary Gold Crochet Skirt Patterns

Appealing Mary Gold Crochet Skirt Patterns

Are you on the lookout for an eye-catching piece of Free Crochet Skirt Patterns for the next autumnal season? Wrap yourself warm with a cheerful plaid design and wear it to the football game in support of your team. Using two colors of yarn held double, the attractive plaid is crocheted by alternating a single strand of yarn to change the color. The design is worked flat, using the marigold technique, with a repeat of 9 stitches and 7 rows, held double. When two C1s and C2s are connected in C1 and C2, the MC comprises two strands of each other. It will create solid color edging if C1 is the first and last color in each row.

Small details are made lovely by keeping things simple. Mary Gold embraces this concept throughout its collection of 8 crochet patterns, which range from clothes to accessories and home décor, among other things. For example, pullovers and sweaters are embellished with sweet and feminine details, while a scarf and shawl provide seamless layering opportunities throughout the year and season. The Mary gold set, which includes a colorwork blanket and throws, brings this similar sense of tranquility into your home.

Mary Gold Detailing

When I learned that my best friend was having a Crochet-themed party, I knew I had to dress up. So, searching for possible outfits to wear, I started looking online, but nothing seemed right. Tiered lace and pink were the two things I was hoping for! Those of you who’ve been following me on social media recently may have noticed that I’ve been particularly drawn to shades of green. Inspired by Circulo USA’s lovely yarns when they approached me, I decided to create the outfit myself.

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Crochet Skirt Patterns for Everyone

Mary Gold Crochet Skirt Patterns

At one point, the dress would be constructed out of pink and beige fabric with metallic thread and dubbed “The Beige.” Then, I was inspired by a dress I had seen online and decided to make my version (pictured above.) My first design concept was to build something in beige, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I wanted something darker, longer, and more dramatic, so I changed the design idea to reflect that.

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The process of creating this outfit was a complete brain-twister from start to finish. Making certain that the layers of lace were draped adequately was no easy task. I had to pull the garment apart multiple times before I was satisfied with the result. Once the crochet aspect was complete, I embellished the neckline and waist with hundreds of beads, making this garment one of the heaviest pieces I’ve ever made.

crochet skirt with pocket

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