16 DIY Macrame Craft Ideas And Projects With Free Tutorials

Have you tried every type of crafts in your crafting career? If yes! Then I can bet you that you will not have tried macrame craft ever in your life. DIY Macrame craft ideas and projects are just amazing that can be done with a special form of fiber to make various things such as wall hanging, magazine rack, hanging bag, and so many other items. The material that used to macrame art is cotton twine, jute, linen, hemp, and leather or yarn.

Moreover, the yarn that can be used for macrame art is called the macrame cord. But while doing macrame art just make sure you have taken a perfect yarn or not. Means, if you have to make a thinner and smoother project then you can use a macrame yarn. But in case you need to make a thicker object then always prefer macrame rope that is another kind of macrame yarn. Macrame crafting is totally similar to knitting or crocheting and you don’t need to learn more about its stitches if you know how to crochet or knit. Let’s make this experience more interesting by exploring our best DIY macrame projects.

DIY Easy Macrame Magazine Rack Idea

Are you a book worm and always enjoy books in your spare time? Then this DIY magazine rack project is only for you. It’s an easy project just like other crafting and knitting project. You can make it more quickly if you take help with the below-given video tutorial. Check it out.

Easy To Use DIY Macrame Hand Bag

DIY macrame art is much admired as it provides us useful and praise-worthy items in a very little time. Similarly, this DIY macrame bag is made beautifully along with a cute doll kitchen which means you don’t need to buy a keychain for your handmade bag. Just work out now and have fun with this easy and relaxing craft.

Simple Macrame Flower Tutorial

One of the easiest DIY macrame art is making handmade flowers. This DIY macrame flower is not a complicated one to try and it can be made in a mini version too as a beginner. These types of flowers can be used for Christmas decorations or a birthday celebration by making of number version of them.

Fancy Macrame Christmas Bells

Let’s welcome Christmas by making these cute and mini bells on it. The video tutorial features a simple method that can turn into the best one. These Christmas bells are simple as well fancy to add a romantic touch in your room. Either attach them with a door or a floor, its up to you.

Creative DIY Semi Circle Wall Hanging

If you can’t afford the expensive wall hanging from the markets then try to make this macrame semi-circle wall hanging with your own hands. The pattern provides a basic and simple method to follow. You can create plenty of wall hanging by following a single video tutorial’s method.

How To Make DIY Macrame Sailboat

DIY macrame sailboat ideas are always popular since ancient age. This macrame boat can be decorated in your room’s desk or an office table. To check the method of how it works you will need to watch the complete video tutorial and then you will be an expert to make more and more sailboat crafts.

Stunning Macrame Wall Hanging

The most amazing and stylish that you can give to your friends or family is a DIY macrame wall hanging. It’s because they are cheap in price, plus they take less time and effort to make. Follow the mentioned steps as done in the video tutorial and then you can design it too.

DIY Mini Macrame Pot Hanger

DIY plant hanger is the best and easy project to experience. They can be made in various shapes and designs if you know how to macrame knotting with your own hands. For knotting this plant hanger you don’t need to being an expert and you can design it whether you are a beginner.

Superb Owl Macrame Wall Hanging

Just consider any size of DIY planter pods that are lying in your backyard and then give them a new refreshing look. Remember this thing in your mind that this planter hanging is specially made for little pods along with a cute owl shape.

Classic DIY Macrame Jar

I love to decorate glass jars whether they are macrame jars or mason jars I love both. Macrame jars are a great option to bring the light in a room as a lamp. Just take a piece of fabric, yarn, or a cotton cord to put together them in a macrame jar lamp.

Stylish Macrame Hand Bag

Easy to carry and beneficial to use for various purposes. You can’t go wrong if you create this bag for any purpose. This DIY macrame bag exactly looks like a leather bag and no one can easily believe that it’s a macrame fabric or yarn bag. Surprise others to design this bag with your own hands.

DIY Seashell Macrame Folding Fan

This DIY macrame project can be called out to various names such as DIY macrame butterfly wing, peacock tail, or folding fan. To me, it is suitable to use as a fan in summer hot days or nights. But you can make it for any reason. It gives a versatile piece of decor in every shape.

DIY Handmade Macrame Bag

Who doesn’t want to use such a bag that can be used for many years to come? Even I prefer bags that are not only easy to use or carry but also durable to use till many years. This DIY macrame bag has everything that you want to see in your personal bag. Large pockets, suitable size what’s left more to add in this stunning bag.

DIY Lightweight Macrame Bag

While buying bags I always prefer the lighter one who can easy to lift while traveling. This DIY macrame bag is the perfect example of my choice and can become your choice too if you are willing to get it. You can specify it as a market bag or a grocery bag as per your needs.

DIY Vintage Macrame Bag Tutorial

This adorable crochet bag comprises of versatile design and gorgeous functionality to carry it in any event or occasion easily. It looks greater if you add bright fringe according to your choice. Honestly speaking, everyone would be jealous to listen that, this bag made by you.

How To Make Macrame Dream Catcher

Instead of using furs or quails just make this macrame dreamcatcher with simple and easy macrame knots. It’s a dreamy as well as an eye-catchy dreamcatcher that you can hang over any wall of your room. You can also use it as a coaster or potholder too.

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